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Medicare: Health Care in Retirement (10-18-23 Lakeside Chat)

October 25, 2023 | Topics: Retirement Planning, Recent Videos

Choosing the right Medicare plan is an important part of retirement planning but due to its complexity, it can often leave people wondering if they are making the best choices for their health care in retirement. That's why we wanted to bring in an expert to help.

Medicare 101 (Lakeside Chats 9-14-22)

September 14, 2022 | Topics: Retirement Planning, Video, Recent Videos

Back by popular demand, folks joined us in September for a Lakeside Chat on the topic of Medicare. We were joined by Roberta Eckert who is the Vice President of the Nationwide Retirement Institute and our guest expert to discuss some important things to know when you're looking at Medicare, including who's eligible, when you can apply, and how much you might expect to pay based on the different plan options. 

Aging in Place (Lakeside Chats 3-2-22)

This month's Lakeside Chat topic was about "Aging in Place". When a senior or older adult chooses to live at home rather than move into an assisted living or skilled nursing facility, it's known as "aging in place". It's a decision that is gaining popularity and is a question that often comes up for folks as they plan their retirement. 

Healthcare in Retirement (Lakeside Chat 10-6-21)

October 6, 2021 | Topics: Retirement Planning, Video, Recent Videos

Our October Lakeside Chat featured guest expert Valerie Mariani from Fidelity Institutional. She is a Sr. Regional Investment Consultant, and has been with Fidelity for 17 years. She provided insight on Medicare and healthcare in general during retirement. 

Small Business Owners: How to Chart Your Course to a Spectacular Retirement

There’s a myth out there that most owners of small businesses and startups are younger people. In fact, the opposite is true: Most business owners are age 55 and over. 

That reality can turn what are usually the peak earning and retirement savings years from your late 40s to late 50s into something more akin to watching " The Perils of Pauline." But it doesn’t have to be that way. Let’s look at how to avoid common perils and chart your course to the retirement you want while continuing to concentrate on the ongoing needs of your small business.

Medicare: Open Enrollment (Lakeside Chat 10-8-20)

October 8, 2020 | Topics: Retirement Planning, Video

This week we will have guest speaker, Ronald Gist, discuss Medicare and the open enrollment period coming up.

Social Security (Lakeside Chats 9-1-20)

September 1, 2020 | Topics: Retirement Planning, Financial Planning, Video

We revisited a topic of high interest, Social Security. Our host will be Matt Sperazzo.

Matt is an External Business Consultant with John Hancock Investments and has been with the company for 13 years. Matt also has his NSSA designation through the National Social Security Advisors Association.

Changing Gears from Saving to Spending in Retirement: What You Need to Know

Changing gears from earning and saving your money to spending your savings is a major challenge for most of us. It’s not that sudden massive shopping sprees or a lavish lifestyle are planned by most retirees — the spending usually involves buying routine things. The challenge is in adjusting to where the money comes from during your retirement.

5 Myths about Getting Your Affairs in Order

No, It's not only for the wealthy. 

You know it. I know it. Just about everyone knows it. Setting up a will and other “in case of emergency” documents is important. But procrastination and misperceptions make it easy to put off getting your affairs in order. One 2019 survey found that 76% know a will is important, but only 40% have one. Let’s look at 5 common myths that may be keeping you from enjoying the satisfaction and peace of mind that comes from accomplishing an important task for yourself, your family, and/or your business.

How to Find the Best Financial Advisor for You Now

You have probably seen the articles. Some are long. Some are short. The common thread is that the writer claims there is one perfect and absolute set of questions to ask (and corresponding answers) whenever you interview a potential financial advisor. I don’t think so.