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Do you Know Who's Managing the Family Money? You may be surprised.

Do you know who manages the family money? You might be surprised.

For many families, this is a question getting new answers today because of changing family dynamics and the growing number of aging parents or family members. Long gone are the days when it could be assumed that managing family finances defaulted to “the man of the house.” At the same time, the Sandwich Generation is coming to terms with their aging parents and family members who need caregivers to help with many aspects of their lives, including managing their finances.  Managing the family's investments is increasingly shifting to the one who is most likely to schedule the medical appointments, get the kids to school, and be the caregiver for aging parents: the working Mom.

Big Life Change? Helpful Financial Strategies for Women in Transition

Are you a woman in transition? If you’re facing a big life change — as a successful owner or manager of a rapidly growing business, someone with a recent inheritance, or perhaps recently widowed, divorced, engaged, married, or dealing with illness — then you’re a woman in transition, and you have special financial needs.

Empowering Women (Lakeside Chat 3-3-21)

March 3, 2021 | Topics: Video, Women, Recent Videos

March marks Women’s History Month again, but many of us are not celebrating. Stories and images of courageous women of the past are everywhere. These women deserve recognition — they fought hard to advance equal rights and access for the majority of the U.S. population who happen to have been born female. Yet in 2021, it can feel increasingly difficult to talk about celebrating for one month a year when there are limited signs of progress to improve the lives of women and girls.

The Power of a Plan

June 11, 2013 | Topics: Archived Articles, Articles, Financial Planning, Women

Women, Money & Life’s Transitions

When it comes to finances, that old cliché holds true: “hope for the best, but plan for the worst.” This is especially true for women. Why? On average, over the course of our lifetimes, women:

Women & Money

Learning to meet fiscal responsibility head on.

It's hard to accumulate wealth when you shy away from the responsibility of making fiscal decisions or if the idea of money scares you. Unfortunately, this emotional attitude toward money stops many women in their financial tracks and keeps them from reaching their long-term goals.