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If you are nearing or enjoying retirement, you want to know that your financial advisor understands what you want to share about your current state of mind, immediate priorities, and long-term goals.

The team at Clute Wealth Management knows financial wellbeing is more than what’s in the bank. Since 1984, we have served those experiencing a life transition and at each stage of life. Our services are flexible and have changed as a client’s needs changed. We invite you to explore the articles below or learn more about the services you want at this point in your life journey.

Articles for retirees


Your Retirement Spending AND Income: Two Plans are Better than One

Retirement plans demonstrate the wisdom of the proverb “two heads are better than one”. Now the “two heads” can be you and your spouse, or you and your financial advisor, but you can also benefit from encouraging a dialogue between the income-you and the spending-you.
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Five Ways to Help Avoid Sleepless Nights in Retirement

Financial headlines can be hazardous to your sleep health in retirement. It is easy to get the jitters and start worrying that you should do something, anything but stay on your current financial course. Yet it rarely makes sense to panic and sell your holdings. Here are five ways to help you avoid the sleepless nights in retirement that financial headlines can bring.
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Financial planning tips for your 50s

Here they come: the golden years. This decade could be the most critical when it comes to retirement planning. You have a career, a good income, and a plan in place for sending your children to college. However, chances are there are still things you need to do to strengthen your finances in order to retire.
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Six Steps for Financial Planning in Your 60s

If you’re someone who hasn’t paid much attention to your financial future before, the 60s are the years to buckle down and get serious. Your life is rich and full, so squeezing in time to look at what may still seem far into the future can be a challenge. Here are six steps that will help prepare you without making you feel like money has become the only focus of your life.
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7 Tips for Financial Planning in your 70s

Many people in their 70s are retired. Whether you're one of them or not, it doesn't mean you should stop your financial planning – in fact it means you should pay even more attention as finances in your 70s offer more opportunities (and risks) now than ever before. Here are seven tips to help make sure you're well prepared for your 70s and beyond.
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