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Wherever you are in your financial journey, you want to know that your financial advisor understands what you want to share about your current state of mind, immediate priorities, and long-term goals.

The team at Clute Wealth Management knows financial wellbeing is more than what’s in the bank. Since 1984, we have served those experiencing a life transition and at each stage of life. Our services are flexible and have changed as a client’s needs changed. We invite you to explore the articles below or learn more about the services that may be best for you right now.

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Financial Strategies for Women in Transition

If you’re facing new life challenges — a successful owner or manager of a rapidly growing business, someone with a recent inheritance or perhaps recently widowed, divorced, married, or about to be, or diagnosed or dealing with illness — then you’re a woman in transition, and you have special financial needs. You may feel strapped for time or as if each day is an eternity, but either way you need strategies for coping with necessary financial decisions during this life transition.
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What Keeps You Up at Night? Pt. 2

Your worries tend to change over the years based on your stage of life, and yet one question I hear regularly revolves around the financial impact of a change in marital status. A new relationship can lead to questions. What if I get remarried? What if I’m living with someone in a long-term relationship but we’re not married? I’m in a lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender (LGBT) relationship, what’s different for us financially Here are some things to think about now.
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How to live well today (towards a loan free tomorrow)

After the grueling pace of graduate school, obtaining that advanced degree, and finding a great professional career path – you can finally turn your attention to other life choices. One choice that you’ll be faced with is what to do with the substantial student loan debt. More importantly is, how do you balance enjoying life while starting to pay-off those looming large loans?
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Is an Amicable Divorce Possible?

Your marriage isn’t working - you respect each other but have drifted apart over the years for whatever reason. Now you and your spouse have decided to divorce and close this chapter of your lives. You’ve heard the stories and perhaps witnessed a few horrors through friends or family who have divorced; that doesn’t mean you need to have the same experience.
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You didn't expect a divorce: Now what?

Take a deep breath and know that you are not alone. Divorce happens and it happens to a lot of people. For most women, this can be a difficult time. But knowing you’re not alone doesn’t make divorce less complicated or stressful. Mixing emotions and finances is not a good idea. And when there are children or step-children, scattered assets, or an inheritance involved, a complicated situation becomes even more so with the addition of custody, college planning, or future estate planning.
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