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Wherever you and your family are in your life journey, you want to know that your financial advisor understands your special needs, immediate priorities, and long-term goals.

The team at Clute Wealth Management knows financial wellbeing is more than what’s in the bank. Since 1984, we have served families of all sizes and at each stage of life. Our services are flexible and have changed as each family’s needs changed. We invite you to explore the articles below or learn more about the services that may be best for you and your family right now.

Articles for Families


How to Have the Best Financial Date Night Ever!

Flowers…chocolate…401k? Let’s face it — talking money and financial planning with your significant other on a “date” may not be your first choice for spending quality time together. Even in the best of relationships, discussing money and finances can send two people running in opposite directions. Yet establishing the habit of scheduling an annual financial date night nurtures your long-term relationship and future together.
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Financial Tips for the Sandwich Generation

Are you caught in the middle between supporting children and caring for aging parents? At a time when your career is reaching a peak and you are looking ahead to your own retirement, you may find yourself having to help your children with college expenses or supporting them during a job search while also looking after the needs of your aging parents. Squeezed in the middle, you've joined the ranks of the "sandwich generation."
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Financial Planning Tips for Your 30s and 40s

Planning for retirement is typically something we think about when we approach our 50s and 60s. However, if you haven't done much financial planning by your 30s and 40s for your future, it's time for you to get your financial house in order. Remember, when building a house, you must first start with a solid foundation, get the basic foundation planning done now so as you build your financial future, your structure will be strong.
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Your Financial Health Checkup

Your annual physical checkup and health screenings are scheduled. Your dental checkups, and perhaps those for your spouse and children, are on your calendar or smartphone. Yet many people fail to schedule time for a regular financial health checkup. Here is what you need to do at least once a year to make sure your money is working hard for you, and that you address the goals most important to you and your family.
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Clute_sandwich-generation_Sandwich -Generation-Preserving future400

Sandwich Generation: Preserving your future - and theirs

Life is complicated these days. And if you’re part of the sandwich generation, with a parent 65 or older and either raising a child under 18 or supporting an adult child, then calling life complicated may feel like a ridiculous understatement. But while being squeezed in the middle will never be easy, there are a few steps you can take to manage your financial and emotional risks.
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Talking with Your Kids About Money

While everyone has different views about money, it’s important to have “money talks” with your kids about the basic concepts at an early age. You don’t want these conversations to be heavy-handed or hour-long lectures, but aim for brief observations whenever opportunities come up. Here are five important tips for helping your children learn to use money wisely today and throughout their lives.
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Talking with your adult children about money

Talking with your kids about money changes as they get older and as you get younger (of course). If this has been a conversation you have shared since they were young, it’s natural to continue to discuss financial matters as the years go on. In a perfect world this would be the way it is all the time. Unfortunately, the opposite is often true.
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What Keeps You Up at Night? Pt.1

Are you tossing and turning as you try to fall asleep? Is there a lot of mind chatter running through your head about your financial future? For many young families, finances are what keep us up at night.  Having back up strategies in place now for whatever is keeping you up at night is well worth the effort.
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