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If owning a business is a major part of your current or future financial journey, you want to know that your financial advisor understands your special challenges, priorities, and long-term goals.

The team at Clute Wealth Management knows financial wellbeing is more than what’s in the bank. Since 1984, we have served those with significant business interests before, during, and after their business investment played a leading role in their financial wellbeing. Our services are flexible and have changed as each client’s needs changed. We invite you to explore the articles below or learn more about the services you may need in the financial life journey of you and your business.

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Articles for business owners




Small Business Owners: How to Chart Your Course to a Spectacular Retirement

There’s a myth out there that most owners of small businesses and startups are younger people. In fact, the opposite is true: Most business owners are age 55 and over. Let’s look at how to avoid common perils and chart your course to the retirement you want while continuing to concentrate on the ongoing needs of your small business.
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Are You Making Business Financial Decisions by Default?

Between the business, your employees, your spouse, plus your immediate and extended family members, it can seem as if people are asking you to make decisions non-stop all day. Some are big, and many are small, but it is well documented that making decisions over and over again drains you and leads to decision fatigue  and worse decisions as the day goes on.
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Buyer or Seller: You Need the Right Business Transition Plan

Whether you are a member of the baby-boom generation born between 1946 and 1964, or a member of the generations of younger people that follow, you may be surprised to learn boomers are as likely to buy a business as to sell one. The purchase or sale of a small or mid-size privately held business will have a major impact on your personal financial situation.
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Surviving Family Business Transition Nightmares

There are times when imagining the worst-case scenario helps you prepare most effectively for the best case. The transition of a family or closely-held business is one of those times. Ask yourself, why is it that while Harvard Business School reports at least half of all companies in the US are family businesses that the most-cited family business statistic is from John Ward’s seminal study finding only 30% of firms survive through the second generation, 13% survive the third generation, and only 3% survive beyond that?
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Succession Planning

Whether your business is family-owned, sole-proprietorship, partnership, franchise, LLC, or corporation, there are some sound practices and approaches common to all types of organizations considering an ownership transfer.
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