Clute’s internship program highlighted in SUNY Plattsburgh newsletter

June 13, 2017 | Filed under: Newsroom


Clute Wealth Management’s internship program was spotlighted in the winter issue of SUNY Plattsburgh’s School of business newsletter. Christina and Fall 2016 intern Michelle Chiudina were interviewed. Here’s an excerpt...

christina-and-intern.png“As SUNY Plattsburgh alums, Heidi and I both enjoy mentoring talented young people and helping them gain real world experience to bridge the gap between their studies and their professional lives,” said Christina.Michelle found not only a challenging learning experience at CWM, but a nurturing one as well. “My supervisor, as well as everyone who works at CWM, was happy to answer any of my questions and give me advice. They made me feel like part of their work family.” 

Read the complete internship spotlight article on page 9 here.

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