Understanding the FAFSA® (Lakeside Chats 10-5-22)

Posted by Christina Ubl - October 6, 2022


The FAFSA® (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) form is available each academic year beginning October 1st and is one of the most important parts of receiving financial aid for college or university. Stephen Jagard, a 529 College Savings Plan Specialist with John Hancock Investment Management, will share what to expect with the FAFSA® process in the 2022-23 academic year – as well as the major changes scheduled to take place the following year.

We want to help you take the confusion (and anxiety) out of the FAFSA® process.

Stephen has been in the financial services industry for over five years and is responsible for helping families understand the John Hancock Freedom 529 plan. In addition to his knowledge of the 529 landscape, Stephen also specializes in more niche topics including financial aid, estate planning strategies, and multigenerational wealth transfer ideas.


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