Balance your life: Tips for the Sandwich Generation

When you are being pulled between the needs of your parents and your kids, it’s hard to find time for your own needs. And by the time you sit down at the end of the day after working, running errands, doctor’s appointments and making plans for the next day, you may feel like you’re swimming underwater. It is important to balance your time and your activities, self-care is important. Here are tips to help lift your head out of your weekly or monthly responsibilities. Schedule time for yourself and feel human again.

Balance activities to help keep your head above water and thrive.

Kids Yourself  Parents
Research 529 college plans

Hire a housekeeper for a once a month cleaning for your own house.

Gather important documents (Will, Power of Attorney, property deeds, etc.)
Schedule a fun weekend activity or dinner. Review your monthly-allocated funds for retirement. Do you need to increase? Schedule a housekeeper for a once a month cleaning.
Develop a list of important phone numbers and resources to have on hand. Schedule a massage. Develop a list of important phone numbers and resources to have on hand.
Hug your kids. Review your financial plans with a Financial Advisor. Are your investments well matched for your goals? Hug your parents.
Have the talk with your kids. Set up a savings account for your young children. Remember it’s okay to say no. Schedule a financial health check up for your parents.
Schedule an appointment with a financial planner for your college graduate. Get together with a friend you haven’t seen recently Bring them flowers.
  Schedule a yearly Financial Date Night with your Partner. Have the talk with your Parents.


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